iExperts Breakage Cover : Screens

iExperts offer optional breakage cover for screen repairs. If you take out breakage cover, you’re entitled to one screen replacement if your break your device within one year of the previous repair.

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Breakage Cover Policy

  • iExperts Breakage cover can only be taken out with a screen repair.
  • You will be offered 1 free screen replacement within 1 year of the previous repair if your screen breaks during this time.
  • Only the part repaired previously will be covered by the repair. Any dents in the housing/switches are not covered as part of the replacement.
  • iExperts reserves the right to withdraw cover if the device is repaired elsewhere during the period of cover.
  • The cover only applies to the originally repaired device that can be identified with a matching Serial number/IMEI with the original repair
  • Another year of optional cover can be purchased at the time of cover claim
  • Breakage cover expires 1 year from the original policy start date or upon claim of screen replacement under the policy

Breakage Cover Costs

RepairRepairsPart TypePriceRepair TimeSydney StockMelbourne StockBondi StockPenrith StockBooking Link
Apple iPhone 5c Screen ReplacementBroken Screen, No Picture, Water Damaged DisplayGenuine$11930 MinHighHighHighHighBook Now
Apple iPhone 5c Charging Port ReplacementNot Charging or intermittent chargingGenuine$5930 MinHighHighHighHighBook Now
Apple iPhone 5c Switch ReplacementIntermittent or non functioning power/mute/volume switchGenuine$6945 MinHighHighHighHighBook Now
Apple iPhone 5c Home Switch ReplacementHome switch not functioning.Genuine$6930 MinHighCallCallCallBook Now
Apple iPhone 5c Housing ReplacementDented or damaged housing. NOTE: IMEI will not be inscribedGenuine$14960 MinPreorderPreorderPreorderPreorderBook Now
Apple iPhone 5c Battery ReplacementLow battery performance, Device reboots.Genuine$6930 MinLowLowLowLowBook Now
Apple iPhone 5c Earpiece Speaker ReplacementLow volume/no sound from earpiece speakerGenuine$4930 MinLowCallCallCallBook Now
Apple iPhone 5c Front Camera ReplacementNon-Functioning/Hazy imageGenuine$6930 MinLowLowLowLowBook Now
Apple iPhone 5c Rear Camera ReplacementNon functioning/No focus/spots in pictureGenuine$6930 MinLowCallCallCallBook Now
Apple iPhone 5c Proximity Sensor ReplacementScreen not blanking during callsGenuine$6930 MinLowLowLowLowBook Now
Apple iPhone 5c Vibration Motor ReplacementWeak/non-functioning vibrationGenuine$5930 MinLowCallCallCallBook Now
Apple iPhone 5c Loudspeaker ReplacementLow volume/no ringtoneGenuine$4930 MinLowCallCallCallBook Now
Apple iPhone 5c Microphone ReplacementLow volume / non-functioning microphoneGenuine$5930 MinHighLowLowLowBook Now
Apple iPhone 5c Headphone Jack ReplacementBroken Headphone Pin / Intermittent or not functioningGenuine$5930 MinHighHighHighHighBook Now

Breakage Claims

We make it easy to claim. If you’ve taken out coverage previously and happen to break your screen again, simply call us to book your repair. Don’t worry if you don’t have any paperwork, we have detailed records of all repairs.

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What Client’s Say

Very customer focused. iExperts were very helpful, courteous and went out of their way to assist me. The repairs were done very well and quickly. Thanks!

Ralph, Retail Customer

Couldn’t recommend iExperts Highly Enough! We sent out 4 iPads one morning and all 4 returned the next morning! Another service call had my iPad returned on the same day. Great Quality and fantastic service. You won’t regret it!

Nathan, School iPad Customer